Film set etiquette: the world of filmmaking has its own set of spoken and unspoken rules. Knowing them, would assist one with integrating into the film industry smoothly.

While every film set usually has its own set of production rules and set etiquette, here we offer you to take a look at top 3 unspoken rules of filmmaking:

Film Set Etiquette Rule #1: Do not be late

If you arrive late on your first shooting day (and every other day as well), you are immediately establishing yourself not in the best light. It’s poor film set etiquette, to say the least, not to say indicative of poor work habits.

People in film world take time management and organization skills VERY seriously. If you are not on time, people will interpret it as a lack of respect for labor and efforts of others.

It is important to understand, that working on a film set, means working in an ecosystem of people. And the proper film set etiquette is vital. If one element of the network is missing, the entire nexus will not function properly.

Time equals money. If you end up being late, it can set the production behind and result in a loss of money.

Constant unpunctuality can cost you your job and good reputation in the film community.

Film Set Etiquette Rule #2: Dress Appropriately

First things first: film set is not a fashion show. You are there to make movies.

Do not come wearing your latest garms, and do not try to impress anyone with your fashion statements.

Dressing practically and comfortably is proper film set etiquette. You will be working long shifts on set, and you want to make sure your body feels good in an appropriate working attire.

Working on a set, usually entitles one to carry something heavy, whether it is boxes with gear, set piece, or something else. Plus, it is a messy job. Wear something that you are ready to rip, stain, or get dirty.

Proper film set etiquette also means: never wear bright colors or reflective clothing. These types of clothing will probably interfere in the shot by reflecting light. Stick to black / darker monotonous colors.

Do not wear open shoes! Aside from poor film set etiquette, film productions can be a dangerous place. And it is important to cover as many delicate parts of your body as possible.

Film Set Etiquette Rule #3: Just be nice!

Last, but definitely not least rule of film set etiquette.

Be nice to people!

Being friendly & respectful will never do you any harm, whether you are working in film industry, or elsewhere. It’s not just good film set etiquette; it’s plain old good etiquette in general.

Make sure you are attentive and polite to everyone. Communication is always the key, and it definitely applies to film productions.

Try to introduce yourself to everyone and remember everyone’s name. Remembering others’ names will immediately grant you admiration and will help you to become a more effective leader. It will also assist you in becoming a successful filmmaker.

At the end of the day, making films should be fun to you. It is a great place to make friends with like-minded people or establish long-lasting working relationships.

You’ll be surprised how small film community is actually is. And the more people like you, more jobs you’ll be able to land at the end of the day. Heeding good film set etiquette is where it begins.

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