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Lock File - Why This Happens / How to Limit the Risk of Lock File Issue?

Lock File – Why this happens?

When you work on a Movie Magic file (MMS or MMB), Movie Magic creates a lock file (during the session) to prevent another user to access your file (if it s saved and shared on a server for example). When you close your file, the lock file is normally closed as well.

However when there is a crash, the lock file is not closed.


If you don’t use for a long period of time MMB or MMS without closing your software, the lock file might create a blocking issue when you try to open MMB/MSS.

Therefore, it’s recommended to close MMB or MMS rather to leave the session opened when you have finished working.

To delete the lock File
Open your Finder – Go to User > MM Data > MM Scheduling or MM Budgeting – 
Delete the file named: movie_magic_budgeting.lock or movie_magic_scheduling.lock

How to Create a PDF (Schedule or budget)?

There is no PDF button in Movie Magic. To create a PDF, you will need to use the print function.

  • Open Movie Magic
  • Go to File > Print
  • In the Print Window, Select the PDF menu at the bottom left


An alternate way to create "Save As" versions of your file:

Rather than creating a copy of your file (File > Save As) from Movie Magic Scheduling or Budgeting, we suggest slightly changing your workflow and creating copies from the location where your file is stored. 
> First, close Movie Magic.
> Go to the location where your file is located:
  • Do a right-click (Contextual Click) on the file
  • Select Duplicate
  • This will create a copy of your file
  • Do a right-click and select File > Copy 
  • Unselect the file
  • Do a right-click again and select Paste
  • This will create a copy of your file

Backups File

Both Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting regularly create backups of your file.
Backups are automatically created in case of a small technical issue such as:

– Lock file Issue
– Application crash
– Power cut

The backup files are located in the Backups Folder:


  • Windows: C:/Users/*Username*/MMData/MM Scheduling (or Budgeting) /Backups
  • Mac: Macintosh Hard Drive > Users > *Username* > MMData > Movie Magic Scheduling (or Budgeting) > Backups

How to Create a Shooting Script?

What is a Shooting Order Script?
A shooting order script is the working script whose scenes are sorted in the shooting order determined by your schedule.
Scene Organiser is a new MAC product that creates a shooting script from your Movie Magic Scheduling and Final Draft files

Importing a Final Draft Script into Movie Magic Scheduling 6

You cannot directly import a native Final Draft file into Movie Magic. Actually you can but it only import the Scene headings and character names.

In order to import all data from you script, you have to import a “.sex file (which stands for Screenplay EXport file). This file can be directly generated from Final Draft 11 by opening the script and going to File > Export > Script… Then, select the .sex file format.

Then in MM open a new template and import the .sex file at that point. This will create a new Schedule document.

In addition, in the latest version of Final Draft, you can fully tag your script. We created 2 great guides covering this topic. They will help you to really use the best of both software and save a lot of time.

  • Breakdown Your Script in Final Draft®
    Getting Started on Movie Magic Scheduling 6

Movie Magic - Templates Are Not Loading

Please watch the following video: 

Download MMB7 Shortcut Keys & Quick Tips

Opening a Movie Magic File - Recommendation

To open a Movie Magic file (Schedule or Budget) don’t click twice on the file icon but rather, launch the application (MMS or MMB) and then go to File > Open and then open your file 

How to Export MMS into the new MMB10?

MMS6 and MMB10 are not yet compatible.
However, you can export your MMS6 data into MMB7,  then import your MMB7 File into MMB10.

Printer - Not having an active print setup will cause a lot of issues...

Not having an active print setup will cause a lot of issues from within both Movie Magic applications. If you don’t have a printer installed, we advise to install a virtual printer (dummy printer) and select it as default.
The way to set up/add a dummy printer?
1.  Go to System Preferences -> Printers and Scanners. 
2. Select the + symbol on the left-hand side. 
3. In the window that opens up, select IP at the top. 
4. In IP Address, enter, then below where it asks for Name just name it something like Fake or Dummy Printer. 
5. Then hit Add. 
6. Then, right-click the new dummy printer and set it as default.
You will then be able to use the PDF save us function.

Merging Schedules?

You cannot merge multiple schedules.
However, in the case of multiple episodes, we suggest to import all your Final Draft Script (X Episodes) into one big Scheduling File. Of course, you have to make sure to number  your scene differently from one episode to the other. For example, Episode 1. 100, 101, Episode 2 201, 2020 etc and so on.

How to Access Your Movie Magic Backup files?

If you have lost your file or want to access an old version,  go to:

  • User>MMData>MM Budgeting>Back Ups
  • User>MMData>MM Scheduling>Back Ups

You can check the following tutorial video as well: