By Shane McCabe  – Shane is an Actor, Writer and Director IMDb Profile

As with features, in any short film, the script is KING and QUEEN. It will be the most important thing in attracting both talent and crew. A good short film should run anywhere between 3 – 12 pages. For first time filmmakers, whether they be writer/directors or a writer and director team, the shorter the better. 3 – 5 pages tops. Workshop the script as much as possible. Maybe get acting students involved. Get their feedback too. But be sure that your script is smoking hot. That way when you go to cast it, you may get lucky in attracting talent. Everybody wants to be involved in a hit.

After the script, then casting is the next big step. When you are ready to go into pre production, have a cast wish-list. Maybe reach out to an actor’s agent or if you know an actor well, contact them directly.

One thing to keep in mind when writing the script is location. If you are self financing it is very important to keep it to one, maybe two locations, (max). Bear in mind find a location in which you have 100% control over.

Here’s a link to a three minute short which ticks all the above boxes.