In this post, we will outline the various steps to making a film, from the early stage of script development through post-production.


  • A screenwriter develops a spec script
  • The spec script is optioned by a producer
  • Producer finds a director
  • Director might request some changes in the script
  • Producer enters into a contractual agreement with the writer
    (this is an important step as the producer needs to purchase the rights to the script–not just an option–if the writer is to make changes. Otherwise, the producer has no right to demand script changes. While it may happen if the writer agrees to, normally there is some agreement beyond an option)
  • Series of development meetings between writer/director/producer to discuss those changes
  • Writer implements those changes
  • New version of the script is approved by both producer and director


  • Director and Producer discuss potential casting options
  • Producer reaches out to casting agent
  • An Assistant-Director is hired to create a first schedule
  • A Line Producer is hired to create a first budget
  • Financial Advisers & Producer starts raising public and private funding
  • Actors may request characters changes
  • Director meets with actors to discuss the production
  • Director starts working on the storyboard and shot planning.
  • Writer may be requested to make additional changes to the script due to budgetary and production restrict
  • A new version of the script is approved by producer and director
  • Cast is attached
  • Producers secures financing
  • During all this time, the director has been working with key collaborators: storyboarder, DOP, production manager etc)



  • Shooting dates are validated
  • Script is locked
  • All heads of department and crew are hired
  • Line producer and AD have a key role in the prep. of the film
  • Director works with all HOD (camera / lighting / cast / costume / makeup, etc.)


  • The film is shot
  • Writers may have to make some last minutes changes during production – (Using the revision mode is mandatory at this stage)



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