Taxes & EU Sales

Prices & VAT:
All prices shown on the website are given on an Ex-works basis exclusive of VAT.

Irish Value Added Tax (VAT) at 23%, is applicable to Products & Services purchased by any customer (Individual or Business) based in Republic of Ireland.

For individual buyer, Vidatech Ltd (trading as Moviesoft) will apply the local VAT rate in any of the 27 European countries where the customer is located. (Vidatech complies with the VAT OSS regulations, a tax law that was brought in on 1 January 2015)

For Businesses, since all items are sold from our European distribution facilities located in Republic of Ireland, all European Union VAT registered businesses (Excempt Irish) are VAT exempt. (ref Terms and Conditions of sale)

Products & Services purchased from outside the European Union are VAT exempt


How does it work?
Your VAT registration number – issued your own country – will be requested when you open your account as a company.
Once your account is validated, no VAT will be charged on any of your orders.

What is the VAT number?
The VAT number is a registration number allocated to every single company in the EU. Each Member State has established its own format. Our system will check automatically the validity of your VAT Number as issued by the authorities in your country.

Where can I find my VAT number?
Simply ask your Accounts department who should be familiar with the appropriate fiscal provisions within the E.U

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