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There’s a lot we can say about the effects of social media on society today. But, for filmmakers, it can provide a significant benefit in getting a film project noticed.

Of course, there is the granddaddy of video social media. YouTube. It’s free and easy to create a trailer (well, this part may cost you) and upload it to the world. The thing to remember is that your video is one of, literally, millions. So getting eyeballs on it is not as easy, unless you have a multitude of subscribers to your video channel. 

That’s where using other forms of social media can benefit. And it’s where social media should be considered as part of the production process if you don’t have much of a budget to market your film. What does this mean? Well, for example, even though it is the bane of many young actors, the number of Instagram followers by members of your cast may play a significant role in whom you hire. An actor with a larger following may benefit you more than another actor of similar talent. As they post daily updates to their followers, it creates an aura of excitement for fans to want to see the finished product.

Creating accounts on Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram are important aspects of your marketing plan to get promote your film. Make sure your messaging and aesthetics are consistent across all platforms. This may mean hiring a graphic designer to help build your social media campaign to make your posts immediately recognizable from one platform to another.

Using Social Media to Promote Your Film During the Filmming Process.

Social media should also be considered during the filming process as you can post pictures from the set to tease the film. Of course, you don’t want to give too much away. But, high quality stills are a great way to build buzz for the project. Even some teaser clips posted on Instagram can gain followers until you release your completed trailer.

It’s also important not to promote in a vacuum. What does that mean? Don’t rely solely on your own social media channels for marketing. Look for others on social media who may be interested in promoting or interviewing you. Using Twitter or Instagram to tag and message these people may create an interest on their part to promote you on their social media channels. Any promotion is good promotion and a great way to build followers.

Ultimately, once your film is released, it will lead to more people viewing it. But more importantly, talking about it online. Reviews and discussions by social media influencers go a long way in making a film project a success.

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