Script Development starts with screenwriting software

Before going into production, any film project goes through the following three steps:

  • Writing a Script
  • Creating a Schedule
  • Determining a Budget

All three parts are linked one to each other. Without a script, there is no schedule, and without a schedule there is no budget. Hence, any changes in the script might impact the schedule; any changes in the schedule might also impact the budget.

So, when it comes to selecting the right screenwriting software, it’s essential to make sure that it communicates perfectly with Movie Magic Scheduling 6 in order to facilitate the creation of the first schedule.

At MovieSoft, we recommend the use of Final Draft as it offers all the features required for developing and writing screenplays, but also for taking the script into production and managing tags, scene breakdown etc.

In addition, the new production features included in the latest version of Final Draft 11 have greatly improved the export into Movie Magic Scheduling 6. This makes the combined solution the perfect tool for film production.

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