Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Screenplay on Budget


This  training will explain how to identify expensive scenes in a screenplay and suggests ways to rewrite them in a cost-effective way whilst preserving the essence of each scene of the script.

  • Format:  Online (Zoom)
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Date for the next session: September 2021
  • Coach: Dewi Griffiths


When writing the screenplay, the budget is often not much of a consideration. But it’s a different story once it’s in the hands of a producer. As a producer, it’s important to be able to work with the writer to keep the budget in control while maintaining the integrity of the story. Producers, directors and writers must learn to bring their vision to the project while keeping costs under control. This is especially true today with so many films going the streaming route and budgets are even tighter. These days, the big blockbusters, with the exception of the tentpole movies, are few and far between.

How do you consider the budget in your script to make sure it is as marketable as possible? What may seem easy to shoot on the page is a whole other “story” when it comes to making it come to life on the set. Everything from props to the complexity of space must be considered or you run the risk of the shoot becoming more expensive than intended.

The collaboration between producer and writer for budget is not as hard as you might think with a little time and effort. But there are key tips and tricks you can use that will get a producer excited. And make you more valuable as a screenwriter. After all, proving you can write and produce a “big” story for a small budget is an invaluable asset. 

In this course, we will cover:

  • How to identify elements of the script that make a scene expensive 
  • Not allowing your story to suffer in order to cut cost
  • Options you can use in the script and on set to make something small feel “big”
  • How a script is broken down for a budget

In this 3-hour training, we will discuss all these topics and many more.  We will also discuss real-life examples in films and how the industry is changing to lower film budgets.  


  • Identify elements of the script that are more expensive than they seem
  • Analyze various methods of changing the script to cut production costs
  • Learn how to balance creativity and constraints of the budget
  • Understand how the producer and the writer can work together as a team
  • Discover clever workarounds to make the scenes feel “big”
  • Realize how sound can be utilized to enhance the production and cut cost


  • All screenwriters, whether starting out or a seasoned pro
  • First-time feature film Producers, Directors, Assistant Directors and Line Producers who want to better understand the link between script and budget
  • Film students who want to write and produce films
  • Filmmakers and crew involved with aspects of budgetary concerns, i.e., sound, effects, design, etc.


Dewi Griffiths

About our coach:

Dewi Griffiths has wide experience working in the UK & Worldwide on feature films & TV dramas in all Assistant Director and Senior Production grades, on high budget and low budget projects.
Through working on an eclectic range of productions, Dewi has acquired a practical working knowledge of numerous production techniques and practices, being flexible to the nature of individual productio

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