Scene Organiser

Save a huge amount of time by automatically creating a shooting order script whereby scenes are sorted in the shooting order determined by your production schedule.

Digital Download for MAC
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Convert a story order script into a shooting order script in less than 3 minutes!

Developed by MovieSoft, Scene Organiser is the first Shooting Script Order Generator. It’s an easy-to-use Mac OS application, which allows you to generate a shooting order script from a schedule created with Movie Magic Scheduling 6 and a Final Draft® screenplay.

How does it work?

Scene Organiser is a desktop application which means the treatment is processed on your computer. Once you have uploaded your Final Draft® script and your Movie Magic schedule into Scene Organiser, the application will match each scene in both documents and will generate a shooting script. The shooting script is created as a new Final Draft® document that you can save on your hard drive and rename.

Key Features

  • Specific Scenes – such as A and B scenes, omitted scenes and duplicated scenes in the schedule are managed by Scene Organiser.
  • Page Break – You have the option to create a page break for each new scene of the Final Draft shooting script.
  • Original Script –  Scene Organiser won’t affect your original Final Draft® file. The newly created shooting order script is a separate document.

Download Trial Version

The trial version is limited to the first TEN scenes of your script and schedule.
The full version has no limitation in terms of number of scenes.

Download Trial Version Scene Organiser


Creating a Shooting Order Script in 3-Steps

  1. Upload your Final Draft Script.
  2. Upload your Movie Magic Scheduling file saved in PDF file format.
  3. Click OK to process the treatment – Your shooting script will then be created in a few seconds.

Click here to download the trial Version

System Requirements

  • Mac OS High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina
  • Internet Connection (You only need an Internet Connection to activate your license the first time)
  • Final Draft® 10 or 11
  • Movie Magic Scheduling 6
  • Scene Organiser only works if your Movie Magic Scheduling file has been created from a Final Draft® Script.
  • Scene Organiser does not import native Movie Magic Scheduling files (extension .msd). Your Movie Magic Scheduling file must be exported to PDF, then imported into Scene Organiser


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Digital Download for MAC
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