Movie Magic Scheduling 6 Premiere Edition


Movie Magic Scheduling 6 is the software solution that works the way Assistant-Directors think, providing you with powerful tools to create schedules and reports used by the entire production crew.

The most widely used production scheduling application for Mac and PC, Movie Magic Scheduling 6 features a full range of scheduling tools you won’t find in any other application.

Whether you work on a TV series, low budget or a complex feature film, Movie Magic Scheduling 6 covers all aspects of your schedule. The software is continually updated based on feedback from users like you, giving it the highest level of maturity of any software on the market today.

Movie Magic Scheduling 6 – known as “MMS” in the film industry – saves time, increases efficiency. As a result, it prepares schedules and produces customised reports (Location, Cast, Props elements,…) that allow your team to make the best production decisions possible.



  • Full Breakdown – Includes a Final Draft import to manage the script revisions throughout the production
  • StripBoard – A very easy and intuitive module to build your stripboard and test various scheduling scenarios (re-ordering scenes, different shoot lengths, comparison locations,…)
  • Red Flags – Keep your schedules accurate by setting reminders that dynamically appear on the Stripboard when your Elements – Cast or location for example – have conflicts. This will help to avoid potential scheduling disasters.
  • Element Linking – Save time and stay accurate by linking up related Elements as needed to make certain they automatically appear together — and even link retroactively.
  • Production Reports – Create your own reports templates than you can re-use for any production (Cast, Location, Call sheet,…)
  • Export to Movie Magic Budgeting 7 – Export elements (Cast, location,…) directly into your film budget for more efficient data entry.
  • PDF Export

System Requirements

  • Windows: 1 GHz processor or higher, Windows® 8 or higher
  • Macintosh: Intel® processor, Mac OS® High Sierra or higher, including Monterey
  • 1 GB RAM or higher, 200 MB Hard Disk Space (recommended)
  • Minimum Display Resolution 1024×768
  • Internet connection required to activate product
Self-manage your license

  • The Premiere license is granted for 2 installations (MAC and/or PC simultaneously)
  • View current license and how many activation(s) are linked to that license
  • See history of deactivations and activations for a particular license
  • Look up your license number using registered owner’s email address or computer name
  • Remotely recover a license (can only be used only when deactivation is not an option, and only once during a 90-day span)

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