Movie Magic Budgeting 10


Movie Magic Budgeting 10 features a simplified workflow, central online storage for easy sharing and secure access from anywhere.


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Movie Magic Budgeting 10 (MMB10) is the newest version of the renowned Movie Magic Budgeting Software which has been the industry software standard for creating Film and TV budgets of all sizes for decades.

Although the architecture of the budget remains the same (Topsheet, Account, Details), in this new version the product has been entirely re-imagined. Movie Magic Budgeting 10 offers an outstanding new interface that maximises the use of your screen. Globals, Groups, Fringes, to name a few, are no longer “pop-up” windows all over your screen, but rather modules that are well organised and easily accessible to quickly check data, calculations and values.

Movie Magic budgeting 10 opened with a Macbook

Built using the latest technologies, this new version of Movie Magic Budgeting is a MAC and PC desktop application, which includes a cloud-based module that offers great additional secure storage facilities when your computer is connected to the internet.   However, if you don’t have an internet connection, the program can still be used on your computer.  Once you reconnect, then your data are synchronised with the cloud server.

The cloud-based module allows you to:

  • Store your files on a secure server (in addition to being stored on your computer) – Even if your computer crashes, there is always a saved version in the cloud.
  • Cloud-sync libraries – your most frequently used setup items such as Templates, Groups, Globals, and Fringes are just a click away to be shared across all your various budgets. This means that if you set up your Globals for Y 2021, for example, this information can be shared across all over your budgets. There is no longer a need to create a template just to share the calculations and data included in your Globals.
  • Quickly share your file with a partner using MMB10. This allows this person to easily add comments to your file and on a short term to modify the budget based on the role attributed.

Whether you manage the budget of a TV series, drama, low budget or multi-million dollar feature film, Movie Magic Budgeting offers an intuitive, flexible “spreadsheet module” that allows you to create and edit comprehensive budgets of all sizes.



    • MAC& PC Application with a cloud-based secure storage facility  – MMB10 works both online and offline.
    • State-of-the-Art interface  – Move with ease through your different modules
    • Budget Comparison – Compare complex cost requirements and scenarios, easily find and edit projections.
    • Foreign Currency – view your entire budget using native or budgeted rates for selected currencies.
    • Currency Separator – Decimal and Thousands can now be set in the European Format (eg. $1,000 or £1,000 or €1.000).
    • Globals – Quickly change any component throughout the budget and automatically update the entire budget.
    • Fringes – Build with efficiency and ease, any fringes, cutoffs, and globals you need for your specific production. 
    • Groups – Plan for and track different scenarios within a single budget.
    • Create Sub-budget  – Plan for and track different scenarios within a single budget.
    • Import and Export – Fully compatible with Movie Magic Budgeting 7.
    • Apply Credits – Apply credits for tax incentives, production rebates, or other credits directly to your Topsheet. You can even add multiple credits and set cutoffs to cover complex spending requirements.
    • Report – Create and  build powerful custom reports with the exact views you need.
    • PDF – Print your budget in PDF Format.
    • Sharing – Send your budget using the private sharing feature included in MMB10. It’s a much more secure method since you remain in the MMB10 “ecosystem”.
    • Integration –  Easily integrate with SmartAccounting, which lets you securely bring your production budget into your accounting environment to help track actuals and ensure your chart of accounts is aligned between the two tools.


Movie Magic Budgeting 10 is a subscription-based model. 


  • Monthly Subscription: $29.99 (no time commitment)
  • Yearly Subscription: $239.99

Price per user / All prices are excl. VAT.
For businesses registered in an EU country, no VAT will be charged when providing your company VAT # during check-out.

You can purchase your subscription from both Entertainment Partners (EP) and Moviesoft webstores.

EP’s webstore
Both monthly and yearly subscriptions can be purchased by creating an account at

Moviesoft ‘s Webstore
At Moviesoft, only the Annual Subscription can be purchased on this page.

This is a one-time payment/one invoice for the 12-month subscription, payable by credit card or bank transfer. It is the perfect solution for simplifying your admin as you receive one bill for the year or want to purchase as one single transaction a few licenses for your team.

Once your transaction is complete, all instructions on how to download and activate your MM Budgeting 10 subscription(s) will be available in your Moviesoft account. An email will also be sent out to you on how to easily create your Movie Magic Budgeting account on EP’s website in less than 5 minutes.

You can purchase up to 9 individual licenses in one transaction. Please note that individual licenses are not transferable from one user to another.

Your annual subscription begins the moment you activate your product, not the date of your purchase from us. In other words, if you are a production company buying 5 seats (licenses), using two now, and three at a later date, the 12-month subscription period will start respectively now for two of your licenses and at the date you activate the remaining licenses.

Already have a monthly subscription?
If you already have a monthly subscription and want to switch to an annual subscription, you will need to wait until the end of the current monthly billing cycle to go through the coupon workflow. IF you need more information please contact us –  Contact Form

From 10 users, we offer the Studio License that allows a production company to amend users during the course of the subscription. As there is a different purchase process, please contact us directly for information and pricing – Contact Form


  • $119.88 ($9.99/month 12-month commitment)
  • To subscribe, sign in or create an account at:
  • Click here to download our free Getting Started on Movie Magic Budgeting 10
  • For schools, we offer the possibility to directly purchase individual licences in bulk (up to 9 seats) or the Seat Management license (from 10 users) – For technical and pricing information, please contact us. Contact Form

Important Note about the license and number of installations
A user can install MMB10 on several computers (MAC and PC) but can only use the application on one computer at a time. EP’s server automatically checks when you are logged in to the software. If it’s already in use, it is not possible to log in with a second computer using the same subscription account. (However, the application allows you to work offline for seven days. After this period of seven days,  you will need to login with an internet connection in order to validate your license automatically, checked by EP’s server)

Two users would need to create two separate accounts, each with their own login. The monthly subscription for the second user may be an interesting option if that person is only using the software for a couple weeks.


  • Windows: Windows 11 – Windows 8.1
  • MacOS: Monterey – Big Sur –  Catalina – High Sierra


The highest degree of data security in the industry.

  • Entertainment Partners’ military-level data security program includes advanced product and internal protections to make sure your data is secure

  • Only Entertainment Partner encrypts data in cloud-based storage, so data is protected both in transit and at rest.

“Most of the International productions and Online Streaming Services are using Movie Magic Budgeting”

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Duration: 12-Month Subscription