Legacy Movie Magic Budgeting Premiere Edition


Movie Magic Budgeting 7 (renamed Legacy Movie Magic Budgeting 7) has established itself as the standard software for film budgeting and cost estimation. It is used by most production professionals around the world, production companies, studios,  broadcasters, film schools and university.

Before You Buy
While Movie Magic Budgeting 7 has long been the industry go-to, there’s now something even better. The re-imagined Movie Magic Budgeting features a simplified workflow, central online storage for easy sharing and secure access from anywhere, and the same functionality you already know from MMB7. To purchase or  learn more about the latest Movie Magic Budgeting, please click here.

New Movie Magic Budgeting To buy or learn more about the latest Movie Magic Budgeting, please click here.

We understand that if you are currently in the middle of a collaboration with partners or team members using MMB7, upgrading to a new solution is not necessarily the right time.  Therefore, for a limited time, you can still purchase the legacy version

Legacy Movie Magic Budgeting 7 is a film budgeting and cost estimation tool for MAC and PC used by production professionals around the world.

Whether you manage the budget of a TV Series, drama, low budget or multi-million dollars feature film, Legacy Movie Magic Budgeting offers an intuitive, flexible “spreadsheet module” that allows you to create and edit comprehensive budgets of all sizes.


  • Intuitive Navigation – Move with ease through your budget with the redesigned Movie Magic Ball, or opt for Classic Movie Magic keystrokes.
  • Budget Comparison – Compare budgets in order to produce variance reports.
  • Foreign Currency – view your entire budget using native or budgeted rates for selected currencies[a]
  • Globals – Quickly change any components throughout the budget and automatically update the entire budget.
  • Fringes – Fringe by percentage or flat rate and add, calculate, and set-up fringe ranges and cutoffs with efficiency and ease.
  • Groups – Plan for and track different scenarios within a single budget
  • Apply Credits – Apply credits for tax incentives, production rebates, or other credits directly to your topsheet. You can even add multiple credits and set cutoffs to cover complex spend requirements.
  • Import Your Schedule – Get a head start on your budget by importing your Movie Magic Scheduling 5 & 6 library. Import your Elements and totals without having to re-enter your data.
  • PDF – Print/Email your Budget in PDF Format

Your production budget is the blueprint that demonstrates how your project will get made and funded. Above all a clear and comprehensive budget will improve the communication flow of your production and dramatically reduce errors and the risk of exceeding budget.

As a result,  Legacy Movie Magic Budgeting 7 saves time, increases efficiency and prepares budgets that allow your team to make the best production decisions possible.

During this period of transition, you can still purchase the Legacy version.


System Requirements:

  • Windows: 1 GHz processor or higher, Windows® 8 or higher
  • Macintosh: Intel® processor, Mac OS® Sierra or higher
  • 1 GB RAM or higher, 200 MB Hard Disk Space (recommended)
  • Minimum Display Resolution 1024×768
  • Internet connection required to activate product

Self-manage your license

  • The Premiere license is granted for 2 installations (MAC and/or PC simultaneously)
  • View current license and how many activation(s) are linked to that license
  • See history of deactivations and activations for a particular license
  • Look up your license number using registered owner’s email address or computer name
  • Remotely recover a license (can only be used only when deactivation is not an option, and only once during a 90-day span)