Movie Magic Budgeting 7 Academic Edition


Movie Magic Budgeting 7 Academic Edition is a film Budgeting software designed for Line Producers and Producers

Student ID - No order will be accepted if the name of the student doesn't match the name of the person purchasing the software:
Digital Download for PC/MAC

To qualify for the Academic price, Students & Educators must provide a valid student or faculty ID card, course schedule, registration receipt, report card or letter of enrollment on school letterhead.

Warning: Academic Product CANNOT be purchased by a PRODUCTION COMPANY

Movie Magic Budgeting 7 Academic Edition offers the exact same level of features than the Premiere Edition but may only be installed on one computer at a time. Like the Premiere edition, it includes a User License Management tool which allows users to remotely manage (activate or deactivate) their unique license when they change computer, for example.

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