Make Your Short Film a Winner – The Short Film Festival Strategy


In this training, we will present  all the elements needed to build the best film festival strategy for a short.

  • Format: Online (Zoom)
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Date for the next session: September 2021
  • Coach: Edwina Forkin


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When it comes to entering your film in a short film festival, the key to success is to develop a specific strategy. And that strategy should be based not only on your film and genre, but also its release date. 

There are hundreds of short film festivals worldwide, each of them with a specific audience and a dominant genre and language. Therefore, targeting the right festival at the right time is essential. 

Submitting your film without careful analysis can be hazardous and, ultimately, very expensive.

By learning to develop your strategy, not only will you maximize your chance of winning an important placement, even an award, but you will also make the most of your budget allocated for submissions.

After attending this webinar, you will be on the path to your short film’s success and your future as a filmmaker.

Here are some keys to be addressed in building a strong short film festival strategy.

  • Understanding how festivals work and how selections are made
  • How to develop a festival strategy 
  • Building a list of potential festivals 
  • Create a budget and a timeline
  • Marketing and selling your film to festivals
  • What is a short film distributor and are they worth it

In this 3-hour course, we will discuss all these points and many more.   Finally, we will share some tips and advice to make sure you are on the right track. 


  • Discover the benefits of entering your short film in festivals
  • Understand how festivals are structured and how it affects your submission
  • Learn about the various types of festivals and how you can take advantage of them
  • Create a strategy to optimize your film’s selection into a festival
  • Consider how using a distributor may help your film be accepted into a festival


  • Any producer who has produced a first or several short films 
  • Screenwriters, actors and/or directors looking to produce your first short film
  • Students considering a career in film


About our coach:

Edwina Forkin has over twenty years experience in Film and Television production.  Currently the creative producer and CEO of Zanzibar Films, Edwina is an award winning producer/ line producer and has a solid track record in film, digital and online media.  She has extensive experience in identifying exciting and innovative projects, raising finance, planning and delivering projects, from Oscar nominated shorts to ground-breaking documentaries.

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