Important Strategies for Developing and Financing your First Feature Film


In this training, we will review all you need to know to develop and finance your first feature film.

  • Format:  Online (Zoom)
  • Duration: Two-Day Sessions of 3.5 hours each
  • Date for the next session: September 2021
  • Coach: Edwina Forkin


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Whether you’ve read a script that you love or a director has pitched you an original fascinating idea to develop, engaging yourself in the adventure of a film production by developing and financing your first-time feature film, is extremely exciting and exhilarating. 

Raising the financing for your film is full of pitfalls. But this webinar will show you that there are clearly different rules to follow that will increase your chances of success.

The first key is patience. Developing a movie takes time. From developing your screenplay to getting the finance to make your movie, things have to be done at the right time, in the right order. It’s all a process. Producing a movie is a journey made from key milestones that need to be systematically coordinated and accomplished.  

Here are some of the important steps included in any film production:

  • Building a creative team to develop the script – How much budget to allocate?
  • Choosing the right director for your project
  • Attaching the cast –  How and when? Budget?
  • When to create and who to involve with creating a shooting schedule and budget 
  • Film financing and using a co-producer
  • The legal aspects of agreements and contracts 

To succeed in your production enterprise, you need to master many aspects of the making of a film, from the creative process to the technical and financial aspect including people management skill!

In this training, we will review all you need to know as a first-time producer. We  will also cover the milestone that composes the making of any film production in order to plan carefully your production.  

Finally, we will share some tips and tricks and as a guideline, explain the questions you need to answer at each step of your production in order to make sure you are on the right track. 


  • Identifying the milestone of any production development
  • Building a method to work with writers and a director 
  • Determining the financial resources to develop your project
  • Making sure your script is strong enough to be sent to industry professionals (film commissions, agents, etc.
  • Attaching cast
  • Developing a strong schedule and realistic budget
  • The various financing routes to access public and private funding
  • Overcoming the main obstacles that lay in front of any film production


  • You are a producer, having produced one or several short films  and you are about to kick off your first feature film
  • You have been working in the film industry and are planning to create your own production company to produce feature films and/or documentaries
  • You are a director or screenwriter and want to understand the journey of a making of a film in order to become your own producer and take the lead on your project


About our coach:

Edwina Forkin has over twenty years experience in Film and Television production.  Currently the creative producer and CEO of Zanzibar Films, Edwina is an award winning producer/ line producer and has a solid track record in film, digital and online media.  She has extensive experience in identifying exciting and innovative projects, raising finance, planning and delivering projects, from Oscar nominated shorts to ground-breaking documentaries.

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