Film & TV Adaptation for Screenwriters


How to take a book from the page to the screen

In this guide, we will explore the techniques behind writing the adaptation and the angles to consider when turning a book into a screenplay.

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The ability to adapt a book offers a key advantage to screenwriters, as it demonstrates another level of skill in writing scripts. However, there are important differences between developing a script from a book and developing one from an original idea.

This practical guide is dedicated to screenwriters who already know how to write and format a script. It contains guidelines on how to transform a literary text into a visual medium in order to condense an average of a 15-20 hour reading story into a 2-hour reading script.



  • Preparing the adaptation
  • Adaptation – Creative Freedom
  • 10 Steps to Adapting a Novel
  • Time to Leave the Novel Behind You
  • Using text from your book
  • Opportunities for Book adaptations


By the end of this guide you will be able to:

  • Understand how to prepare the adaptation work
  • Assess which material from the book you should keep when developing the script
  • Find your own voice as a Screenwriter

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Ebook - Digital Download for MAC/PC, Mobile Phone (Android, iOS), Tablet, Ipad
Categories: , , Tags: , , , ,
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