Film Financing: Navigating the Various Routes to Fund Your Film


In this training, we will explain the different paths to explore in order to maximize your access to public and private funding

  • Format:  Online (Zoom)
  • Duration: Two-Day Sessions of 3.5 hours each
  • Date for the next session: September 2021


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Seeking financing for a project and accessing funding resources is a constant battle for indie producers.

From pre-sales to public funding (supra-national, national, regional or local), from private equity to tax incentive, from international co-production to financial co-production, there are many routes to finance your project and a multiple of combinations based on the characteristics of your film.

In this training, we will present an overview of the different sources of film and television funding that exist in Europe.

We will also explain how to combine various funding schemes and will share some ideas to secure those fundings. When it comes to financing a movie, a producer must be very creative. There is a process and timing is key! 

Note: Although public funding and film financing structures are ruled by more or less the same mechanisms all over the world,  this course will focus on the European market. 


  • Identifying the creative and technical elements of your project that will guide you in your research for financing
  • Understanding how public fundings work 
  • Overview of the the various tax incentives in Europe
  • Private funding and Pre-Sales
  • Understanding the whole chain of financing 
  • The various funding combinations
  • TIming is key: Securing funding in the right order
  • Learning from a Case Study


  • You are a first-time feature film producer who needs to understand the mechanisms of international film financing
  • You have produced a feature film in your country and you are looking to develop an international co-production  
  • You are a TV producer who desires to learn more about how film financing works
  • You are a producer based outside Europe, and you are interested in seeking partners in Europe.


About our coach:

Ilann Girard is an established producer and executive producer who has produced more than 40 feature films and documentaries (IMDb Profile). He is also the founder and Director of Olffi (Online FIlm Financing). is the world’s largest and unique database on public funds and incentives for film, TV, new media, and shorts.


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