Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Shooting Schedule


In this online training,  you will learn how to create a solid, rough shooting schedule and measure the feasibility of any film project.

  • Format:  Online (Zoom)
  • Duration: 3 hours each
  • Number of Participants: 10
  • Coach: Dewi Griffiths
  • Date for the next session:  September 2021
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Before establishing a budget, you need to have a realistic shooting schedule. Creating a Shooting Schedule is the cornerstone of any film production, whether you are filming a TV series, a  drama, an indie movie or a short film. 

At any stage of your production, you will always refer to the shooting schedule document when discussing your film with the various crew members. Any change in your script -even minor – might impact your shooting schedule. So, it’s vital to understand every detail of the shooting schedule.

From your shooting schedule, you will be able to:

  • calculate how many days are required to shoot your movie, 
  • determine the size of your crew 
  • list out all key resources that you might need such as sets, vehicles, extras, costume, animals, equipment, to name a few.  

And as importantly, you will be able to determine the level of complexity of shooting the script you have on hand. What might be easy to shoot on paper, might prove more difficult to shoot, more time consuming and hence more expensive than anticipated.

But creating a shooting schedule is not that complex. You need to develop project management skills dedicated to films.

In this training, we will go through the logical steps that you need to know in order to read your script from the Assistant Director’s perspective and create your first draft schedule.  


  • Understand how to breakdown a script and build a shooting schedule regardless of your scheduling software
  • Identify the key elements needed to create a proper schedule
  • Optimizing your shooting day 
  • Identifying expensive scenes
  • Learn the importance of scheduling to your production’s budget
  • Acquiring the important management skills to film scheduling


  • Producers who wants to acquire some skills in order to create their own schedule
  • Producers who want to understand how a schedule is made in order to properly communicate with their Director or Assistant Director.
  • Directors who want to create their own schedule 
  • Second or Third Assistant Directors who want to become First Assistant-Directors


Dewi Griffiths

About our coach:

Dewi Griffiths has wide experience working in the UK & Worldwide on feature films & TV dramas in all Assistant Director and Senior Production grades, on high budget and low budget projects.
Through working on an eclectic range of productions, Dewi has acquired a practical working knowledge of numerous production techniques and practices, being flexible to the nature of individual productio

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Writer and Screenwriter

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