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The various types of co-productions to consider to fund your project

In this guide, we will explain the various types of co-productions that you can scrutinise when looking for new funding sources.


Over the last few years, there has been a huge increase of international Film and TV co-productions around the globe.

The reasons are multiple: increased demand from the new platforms for new shows, competition between countries to offer their production services at cheaper costs, the desire to reach new international audiences.

And from a financial standpoint, local and international co-productions offer new avenues of financing (public and private funding) whilst allowing co-producers to share development costs and financial risks.

In this guide we will explain the various types of co-productions that you can contemplate to maximize your access to international public funding.

We will also identify the main reasons to set up an international film or TV co-production. Finally, we will list all the elements that you should consider when choosing to enter into a formal international co-production agreement, regardless of your territory.


  • What Is Co-production?
  • Role Between Majority And Minority Producers
  • The Different Types Of Co-productions
  • The Different Reasons To Set Up An International Co-production
  • Tv Quotas Regulations
  • Where To Start?
  • Key Advantage Of An Official Co-production


By the end of this guide you will be able to:

  • Understand What Is a Co-Production

  • Discover the Role of Minority and Majority Producers

  • Learn About the Different Types of Co-productions

  • Identify the Main Reasons to Set Up an International Co-production

  • Evaluate the Interest to Explore an International Co-Production for Your Project

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    At least I can now talk to people without feeling unknowledgeable – Great guide

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    Learn a lot about co-production

  3. Line Producer (verified owner)

    Some very valuable information!

  4. SBrown (verified owner)

    This guide really opened my mind about co-prod.

  5. Marc (verified owner)

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