Collection for New Film Producers

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A great selection of books for New Producers, covering the key aspects of any production: Scheduling, Budgeting, Co-Producing and Financing.
Get to the heart of what you need to know as producer!

A comprehensive step-by-step guidance to create your own first schedule

Whether you are an AD, a director or a producer, the guide "Creating a Shooting Schedule" offers a comprehensive step-by-step plan to create a solid, rough shooting schedule and measure the feasibility of any film project.

How to Create a Realistic Budget for any Type of Films

This book will help you comprehend the philosophy behind creating a film budget and how film budgets are articulated.

Finding the right partner and drafting a co-production deal memo

In this guide, we will explain the key elements you should consider when looking for co-producers and how to build a successful relationship.

The various types of co-productions to consider to fund your project

In this guide, we will explain the various types of co-productions that you can scrutinise when looking for new funding sources.


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