Agents and Talent Managers: Keys for Gaining Representation


In this film industry training,  you will learn how to secure representation to advance your writing career.

  • Format:  Online (Zoom)
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Date for the next session: September 2021


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You’ve written a few scripts and are now ready to take them out into the world. But how? With so many writers trying to break into the industry, the barrier to entry is high. Having the right industry representation could make the difference to getting your scripts through the door. Of having your dream project seen by important production and studio executives.

How do you go about getting representation? And what is the difference between an agent and a manager? This is not just a “Hollywood” thing as agencies are growing in Europe and throughout the world. And managers are a relatively new phenomenon outside the Hollywood system, now making inroads in other markets.

In this training, we will cover:

  • The difference between an agent and a manager 
  • Proper etiquette in contacting prospective representation
  • Where in your career should you be before contacting a potential agent or manager
  • What to look for in choosing the right representative for you
  • What to expect when you sign with an agency

In this 3-hour course, we will discuss all these points and many more.  We will also discuss real-life success stories and the future of the industry with respect to how things have evolved for the agency business.  

Finally, we will share some tips and advice to send you on the right path. 


  • Understand what a manager is and what they do as opposed to an agent or lawyer
  • Determine whom to approach first – the manager or the agent? 
  • Identify how a manager can help your career path
  • Consider what managers/agents want in a potential client.
  • Learn the proper tools to find the right manager or agent.
  • Prepare for that first meeting
  • Building the relationship between you and your new manager or agent
  • Optimizing the relationship for a global career beyond Hollywood


  • New or unrepresented writers looking to further their career
  • Actors who want to expand their skills into writing
  • Producers who want to better understand the global market of talent and how they can be packaged  
  • International writers looking to expand their market


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