Writing and selling screenplays takes time and dedication. In addition to learning writing techniques and developing your skills, you also need to build a robust knowledge of the film industry and the way it works. Understanding how screenplay contests operate to optimise your chances of winning, developing a strong professional strategy as a screenwriter to find directors, agents or producers interested by your work are all important ways to build your screenwriting career in the movie business. These are some of the many topics explored in this category.

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A great selection of ebooks on how to get started writing your first script!

Reference Guide 3-Act Structure

A Convenient Checklist to Keep Your Screenplay On Track

This reference guide is designed to provide you with a visual checklist of all keys elements included in the 3-Act Structure


Narrative elements to engage your audience

This storytelling guide will examine all the narrative elements that any screenwriter should use to transform his/her story into one that is captivating to tell.

SHooting Script vs Spec Script

The differences between a Spec Script and a Shooting Script

Because so many scripts are available to download on the web, there is a great deal of confusion between what is a spec script and what is a shooting script. This guide  covers their differences.

moviesoft logline

How to write your own logline

In this guide, we’ll analyse what it takes to write a great logline and offer examples of some of the best.

Learning 3-Act Structure

For Screenwriters who write intuitively

This ebook is dedicated to screenwriters who write intuitively; those who desire to learn more in-depth writing techniques to structure their scripts without compromising their inherent creativity.

Film & TV Adaptation for Screenwriters

How to take a book from the page to the screen

In this guide, we will explore the techniques behind writing the adaptation and the angles to consider when turning a book into a screenplay.

The Best 10 Opening Scene in Action Movies

An analysis of how the opening scene drives the success of a story

This guide, gathers ten memorable opening scenes in cinematic action films and discusses the key elements that make them so efficient.


Making sure you use the correct format

The Scene Headings guide provides every screenwriter what they need to know about proper Scene Heading format, including the double scene heading with Master Locations, flashbacks, scenes in a moving vehicle, and more.


From blue to GoldenRod Revision

This guide explains the reasons to use the script revision features in film production and how they are applied.