How to develop   a project for a web series or Netflix.  How to reduce your TV or Film budget by rewriting scenes in a cost-effective way. How to build a draft schedule to assess your feature film or television project at an early stage without hiring an Assistant-Director or Line Producer. These are some of the many subjects you will discover in this filmmaking category.

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New Film Producers
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A great selection of  practical guides for New Film Producers, covering the key aspects of any production: Scheduling, Budgeting, Co-Producing and Financing. Get to the heart of what you need to know as producer!
Creating a Film & TV budget

How to Create a Realistic Budget for any Type of Films

This practical guide will help you comprehend the philosophy behind creating a film budget and how film budgets are articulated.

A comprehensive step-by-step guidance to create your own first schedule

Whether you are an AD, a director or a producer, the guide "Creating a Shooting Schedule" offers a comprehensive step-by-step plan to create a solid, rough shooting schedule and measure the feasibility of any film project.

Rewriting your scene in a cost-effective way

This guide helps any screenwriter, director or producer to identify expensive scenes in a screenplay and suggests ways to rewrite them in a cost-effective way whilst preserving the essence of each scene of the script.

Tagging your script using Final Draft® Tags Mode

A step-by-step guide to breaking down a script using Final Draft® script writing software.  It will also give you many useful tips to create a very complete breakdown before exporting all your data into Movie Magic Scheduling.

A step-by-step guide to creating a preliminary production schedule

This book will give you a complete step-by-step method on how to create a shooting schedule from scratch, using the most popular film pre-production software Movie Magic Scheduling 6.

Writing and Producing has dramatically changed

The "Developing the TV Streaming Series" guide takes you through the key elements that any filmmaker must know when developing TV series and films for online streaming services from the standpoint of the writer and producer.
Creating a Web Series

And it may just lead to bigger things...

This guide explains how to write, create and produce a web series and look at ways they can take you, the filmmaker, to the next level in your writing and producing careers.

A guide to Film Scoring for Filmmakers

The “Scoring Chain” guide is designed for any director or producer looking for a music composer. It is a collection of experience-based methods that have been proven to work successfully .
Who s who on the set

A presentation of the jobs Above-the line

The guide "Who's Who on Set: Above-the-line" focuses on the jobs involved in the creative direction of the project: producers, directors, screenwriters and actors.
who’s Who on the Set:

Jobs description in the Production Department

This guide focuses on the key jobs which make the Directing, Camera and Lighting departments the cornerstone of any Film and TV production.

Jobs description in the Art, VFX, Location and Sound Department.

The guide "Who's Who on Set: Below-the-line (Part 3)" focuses on all the talented crew members involved in the Art, Sound, Location and VFX departments.

Jobs description in the Directing, Camera & Light Departments

The guide "Who's Who on Set: Below-the-line (Part 2)" focuses on the various roles in the Production department.
Composing music for feature film and tv

The Process of Creating an Original Music Score

Are you a musician, a songwriter? In this book written by Niall Byrne, one of Ireland’s most successful music composers, we will take you through the various steps you need to understand when creating a music score.
Writer and Screenwriter

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