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Creating a schedule and a budget are essential tasks when producing a film or television series. And to complete these film and TV projects, you need to make sure you use the right software, not only to build a comprehensive schedule and budget, but also to easily track and measure the impact of any changes during the course of your production. With thousands of users in the worldwide movie and television business, Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting are considered the film and television industry standard scheduling and budgeting software.

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MovieSoft Scheduling Software - MOVIE MAGIC

Movie Magic Scheduling 6 is the software solution that works the way Assistant-Directors think, providing you with powerful tools to create schedules and reports used by the entire production crew.

MovieSoft Budgeting Software - MOVIE MAGIC

Movie Magic Budgeting 7 (renamed Legacy Movie Magic Budgeting 7) has established itself as the standard software for film budgeting and cost estimation. It is used by most production professionals around the world, production companies, studios,  broadcasters, film schools and university.

Before You Buy
While Movie Magic Budgeting 7 has long been the industry go-to, there’s now something even better. The re-imagined Movie Magic Budgeting features a simplified workflow, central online storage for easy sharing and secure access from anywhere, and the same functionality you already know from MMB7. To purchase or  learn more about the latest Movie Magic Budgeting, please click here.

Moviesoft New Scene Organiser

Save a huge amount of time by automatically creating a shooting order script whereby scenes are sorted in the shooting order determined by your production schedule.

EP Paymaster 2020 2021

The Paymaster is the most complete contract and labor rates guide for the entertainment industry.