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A presentation of the jobs Above-the line

The guide "Who's Who on Set: Above-the-line" focuses on the jobs involved in the creative direction of the project: producers, directors, screenwriters and actors.


Jobs description in the Production Department

This guide focuses on the key jobs which make the Directing, Camera and Lighting departments the cornerstone of any Film and TV production.


Jobs description in the Art, VFX, Location and Sound Department.

The guide "Who's Who on Set: Below-the-line (Part 3)" focuses on all the talented crew members involved in the Art, Sound, Location and VFX departments.


Jobs description in the Directing, Camera & Light Departments

The guide "Who's Who on Set: Below-the-line (Part 2)" focuses on the various roles in the Production department.

SHooting Script vs Spec Script

The differences between a Spec Script and a Shooting Script

Because so many scripts are available to download on the web, there is a great deal of confusion between what is a spec script and what is a shooting script. This guide  covers their differences.

Learning 3-Act Structure

For Screenwriters who write intuitively

This ebook is dedicated to screenwriters who write intuitively; those who desire to learn more in-depth writing techniques to structure their scripts without compromising their inherent creativity.