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New Film Producers
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A great selection of  practical guides for New Film Producers, covering the key aspects of any production: Scheduling, Budgeting, Co-Producing and Financing. Get to the heart of what you need to know as producer!
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A great series of books, to build a robust schedule that will save you time and money. Download now!  
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Looking for film funding? In this collection of three books, learn how co-producing can help producers access additional financial resources for their projects.
Creating a Film & TV budget

How to Create a Realistic Budget for any Type of Films

This practical guide will help you comprehend the philosophy behind creating a film budget and how film budgets are articulated.

Finding the right partner and drafting a co-production deal memo

In this guide, we will explain the key elements you should consider when looking for co-producers and how to build a successful relationship.
Film and TV Co-Production

The various types of co-productions to consider to fund your project

In this guide, we will explain the various types of co-productions that you can scrutinise when looking for new funding sources.
Who s who on the set

A presentation of the jobs Above-the line

The guide "Who's Who on Set: Above-the-line" focuses on the jobs involved in the creative direction of the project: producers, directors, screenwriters and actors.

The Benefits of Developing a Co-Production Under a Co-Production Treaty

In this guide, we will explain the benefits of co-production treaties and how they can help producers to access additional financial resources for their projects.
Composing music for feature film and tv

The Process of Creating an Original Music Score

Are you a musician, a songwriter? In this book written by Niall Byrne, one of Ireland’s most successful music composers, we will take you through the various steps you need to understand when creating a music score.
Benefits of film co-production

Understanding the Mechanisms of a Co-Production

 In this free guide, we will give you an overview of the mechanisms that rule a co-production.
Writer and Screenwriter

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- Creating a Shooting Schedule
- Creating a Film & TV Bugdet 
- Producing your First Feature Film

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