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Finding the right partner and drafting a co-production deal memo

In this guide, we will explain the key elements you should consider when looking for co-producers and how to build a successful relationship.
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Creating a Web Series

And it may just lead to bigger things...

This guide explains how to write, create and produce a web series and look at ways they can take you, the filmmaker, to the next level in your writing and producing careers.
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Short Film Festival Strategy

Building the best festival strategy for your film

The "Short Film Festival Strategy" guide outlines all the elements needed to build the best film festival strategy for a short, to turn a great film into a successful one in festivals.
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A Practical Guide and Exercises to Write your Screenplay

In this book, you will build the fundamental knowledge needed to get started on writing your first screenplay - A Practical Guide and Exercises.
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Composing music for feature film and tv

The Process of Creating an Original Music Score

Are you a musician, a songwriter? In this book written by Niall Byrne, one of Ireland’s most successful music composers, we will take you through the various steps you need to understand when creating a music score.
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How to write your own logline

In this guide, we’ll analyse what it takes to write a great logline and offer examples of some of the best.
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