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international partner

Finding the right partner and drafting a co-production deal memo

In this guide, we will explain the key elements you should consider when looking for co-producers and how to build a successful relationship.

MovieSoft Film Festival

Building the best festival strategy for your film

The "Short Film Festival Strategy" guide outlines all the elements needed to build the best film festival strategy for a short, to turn a great film into a successful one in festivals.

MovieSoft Netflix

Writing and Producing has dramatically changed

The "Developing the Netflix Series" guide takes you through the key elements that any filmmaker must know when developing TV series and films for Netflix from the standpoint of the writer and producer.


moviesoft learning structure

For Screenwriters who write intuitively

This ebook is dedicated to screenwriters who write intuitively; those who desire to learn more in-depth writing techniques to structure their scripts without compromising their inherent creativity.

moviesoft logline

How to write your own logline

In this guide, we’ll analyse what it takes to write a great logline and offer examples of some of the best.

MovieSoft Music

Working with a film music composer

Whether you are a director or a producer, the "Film Music Composer" guide takes you through the process of working with a film music composer to understand they way the work and enhance your creative collaboration.

moviesoft music score

A guide to Film Scoring for Filmmakers

The “Scoring Chain” guide is designed for any director or producer looking for a music composer. It is a collection of experience-based methods that have been proven to work successfully .

How to create a web series

And it may just lead to bigger things...

This guide explains how to write, create and produce a web series and look at ways they can take you, the filmmaker, to the next level in your writing and producing careers.