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The Academic Version of both Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting, offer the exact same level of features than the Premiere version. Both Premiere and Academic Version simply differ by the number of installations authorised for each license.

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Movie Magic Scheduling 6 Academic Edition is a scheduling software designed for Assistant-Directors
Movie Magic Budgeting 10
The re-imagined Movie Magic Budgeting features a simplified workflow, central online storage for easy sharing and secure access from anywhere, and the same functionality you already know from MMB7.
Getting Started on Movie Magic Budgeting 10
This 40-page tutorial written by Dewi Griffiths covers the key features you need to know to create or edit an existing budget with MMB 10.
Difference between movie magic budgeting 7 and 10
This 33-page documentation (PDF), especially designed for Movie Magic Budgeting 7 users, covers feature by feature the differences between Movie Magic Budgeting 7 and 10 and explains new ways of performing certain tasks.
MovieSoft - Education Software
Legacy Movie Magic Budgeting 7 Academic Edition is a film Budgeting software designed for Line Producers and Producers. IMPORTANT: THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE  To buy or learn more about the latest Movie Magic Budgeting 10, please click here.
Scene Organiser
Save a huge amount of time by automatically creating a shooting order script whereby scenes are sorted in the shooting order determined by your production schedule.