Are you new to Movie Magic Budgeting 10 and need to learn all the important elements to help you get started? This training course is designed for you. Work at your own pace online and refer back to all materials for later use.

All course details have been curated by industry veterans. Perfect for newcomers and novices, even seasoned users as an easy reference resource.

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Duration: 2.5 hours
Format: Online (go at your own pace)
Audience: Line producers, Producers, Production accountants, etc.
Course Aim: Acquiring the knowledge to create a film budget for any kind of movie production
Topics covered during the training:

  • Budgeting basics
  • Navigation: keys and shortcuts
  • Creating and editing a budget
  • Using the various tools: Fringes, Credits, Globals, Group Currencies etc
  • Creating sub-budgets
  • Sharing and saving a budget
  • Creating and printing reports

It includes several quizzes to test your knowledge as you are progressing through the course. You will also be invited to pass an online certification exam that lasts 2 hours!  Of course, this is not an obligation but is a great way to assess your knowledge.

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- Creating a Shooting Schedule
- Creating a Film & TV Bugdet 
- Producing your First Feature Film

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