There are key considerations when creating the film production schedule

Shooting a movie is not an easy endeavor. Film production requires a lot of money, time, and most importantly planning. A period set for scheduling and planning the shooting, known as pre-production, is arguably as important as production itself.

Setting Up the Film Production Schedule

During the pre-production, the Director, together with their assistants, producers, production managers, and others spend most of their time scheduling the shoot. More time and effort one inputs into pre-production and the film production schedule, smoother and better organized the rest of the set will grow. As a result, it will save time scheduling during the period of the actual production. Thus, cast and crew can focus on execution rather than organization.

Time and Money Factors of the Film Production Schedule

There are two variables one needs to consider whilst creating the film production schedule: time and money. These factors are intertwined in the film industry. How much time one has during a production largely depends on the amount of money. Scheduling the film production ensures that all shooting days are planned out properly. And, the crew has enough time to sufficiently complete all the scenes.

In that sense, film production shooting schedules help to avoid additional expenses during the production, as well as acting as a blueprint for the entire team. A good film production schedule will include:

  • a list of actors needed on each shooting day
  • scenes that are going to be shot (in scripted productions it should also include the numbers of pages for each scene)
  • a brief description for each scene
  • how much time will be required to complete production

Movie Magic Scheduling software

While maintaining its industry-standard and multi-functionality, Movie Magic Scheduling 6 software makes film production scheduling straightforward and resourceful. Pre-production and scheduling can seem complicated and intimidating. With the proper software, however, as in Movie Magic Scheduling, there are a variety of tools to make production run more smoothly.

A large portion of scheduling essentially depends on availability of the cast and crew members. Talent agents and managers frequently ask for schedules in advance, before they can sign their client on a project. Both crew and cast request to see the film production shooting schedule before the production starts in order to make sure it fits in with their own schedule and doesn’t clash with other projects.

For the production department, it is vital to have a film production shooting schedule as soon as possible, since these people are responsible for logistics, transportation, drawing up permits, and closing location deals. Without knowing particular days on which some of those scenes will be shot, it will almost be impossible to arrange all of the above mentioned aspects.

Good producers use shooting schedules as a way to ensure that all the costs on the budget are handled justifiably, and use it as a forecast to make sure that anything else for a particular shooting day is prepared.


In conclusion, film production schedules require a lot of time and patience to properly be arranged. But with experienced crew, the right tools, and enthusiasm for the project, it can be managed. A key to the success of production largely depends on the preparation and scheduling. In that sense, a film production shooting schedule is of vital importance. And, taking time to effectively prepare it must be taken into consideration during the pre-production period.

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