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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

On how many computers can i install Movie Magic?
The Premiere and Upgrade Edition are granted to one user who can install Movie Magic on 2 computers (MAC/PC) simultaneously.

The Academic version can be installed on 1 computer only.

Students & Educators must provide a valid student or faculty ID card, film course schedule, registration receipt, report card or letter of enrollment on film school letterhead.

For more information about Entertainment Partner Software Policy, click here


How do I proceed if I want to install the application on a second computer?
Simply, get connected to your Moviesoft account through the second computer.
Click on your most recent order and download your application.
How does it work if I change computer?
You will first need to deauthorize (online procedure) from your old computer and then ‘reauthorize’ on your new computer.
I haven’t received my product key yet?
Your product key is sent by email (please check your spam folder as well) but it is also accessible from your MovieSoft account. If you cannot find it, please contact us our support, click here.

What kind of Internet connection do I need?
Since the average file size is 50MB,  we strongly recommend a fast internet Connection to purchase download version.



“File Damaged”… Error Message
On a new MAC, by default you can’t download from any store except APPLE STORE, unless you change your settings. Go to System Preferences / Security / Privacy and then in General Panel change your settings.

Password requested
If you are on a MAC and try to install the program and a window comes up asking for your Admin Password, that is your computer password, not your Product Key/ License Activation ID.
If you do not have a MAC password you will need to go to System Preferences/Users and create one. Alternatively, you can contact Apple.