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Movie Magic Software License

On how many computers can i install Movie Magic?

The Premiere and Upgrade Edition are granted to one user who can install Movie Magic on 2 computers (MAC/PC) simultaneously. So technically, you can activate your license on two Macs or two PCs or one of each.

The Academic version can be installed on 1 computer only.

Students & Educators must provide a valid student or faculty ID card, film course schedule, registration receipt, report card or letter of enrollment on film school letterhead.

For more information about Entertainment Partner Software Policy, click here

What is the difference between the Academic and Premiere License?

The Premiere and  Academic version are technically 100% identical. They offer the same level of features.

The premiere license is granted to one user who can install Movie Magic on 2 computers (MAC/PC) , the Academic Version can only be installed on one computer.


Do you offer multi-users licenses?

Yes we do offer multi-users licenses for both Studios/Production companies and Film Schools. Please send us your query and we will email you back within 24 business hours max.

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How do I proceed if I want to install the application on a second computer?

Simply, get connected to your Moviesoft account through the second computer.
Click on your most recent order and download your application.

How does it work if I change computer?

If your software is already installed on two computers, you will first need to deactivate it from one of your computers and then ‘reinstall and reactivate it ” on your new computer.

To deactivate your license:
Launch MMS or MMB
Go To Help Menu / Licensing…

However, if you can no longer access one of your computers (HD crashed or computer stolen), you can remotely recover a license when installing your new software. This procedure can only be used only when deactivation is not an option, and only once during a 90-day span.

Movie Magic System Requirements

System Requirements:

  • Windows: 1 GHz processor or higher, Windows® 8 or higher
  • Macintosh: Intel® processor, Mac OS®  Sierra or higher
  • Recommended: 1 GB RAM or higher, 200 MB Hard Disk Space, Minimum Display Resolution 1024×768 Internet connection required to activate product

Installation & Activation

I haven't received my product key yet?

Your product key is sent by email (please check your spam folder as well) but it is also accessible from your MovieSoft account. If you cannot find it, please contact us our support, click here.

My product key is not recognised

Please note that during the installation process, when you will be asked to enter your Admin Password, type in your computer password and not the Activation ID (Product Key) which will be asked at the very end of the installation process.

Do I need an internet Connection to use Movie Magic Software?

The Internet connection is  only required to download and activate your product.


Common reasons not to be able to download on a Mac computer

“File Damaged”… Error Message
On a new MAC, by default you can’t download from any store except APPLE STORE, unless you change your settings. Go to System Preferences / Security / Privacy and then in General Panel change your settings.

Password requested
If you are on a MAC and try to install the program and a window comes up asking for your Admin Password, that is your computer password, not your Product Key/ License Activation ID.
If you do not have a MAC password you will need to go to System Preferences/Users and create one. Alternatively, you can contact Apple.

Payment & Orders information

I haven't received my invoice. How can I get my invoice?

Your invoice is automatically issued when your payment is made.
Your invoice is sent by email (check your Spam Folder) but it’s also accessible at any time from your MovieSoft Account.

I have a company VAT #. Will I be charged VAT?

No. If you have a VAT #, no VAT will be charged. 
During the check-out process,  select your country and state your company vat # in the EU VAT # field of the contact form. 

Can I pay by Bank Transfer?

Yes absolutely. During check-out, you will be asked to select your payment method. Click on “Payment by Bank Transfer” and validate.  Our bank details will be displayed with your order.


Which credit cards do you accept?

We do accept  most  international credit cards

Product Return

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