Finding a Line Producer for your Film Project

The line producer is one of the key crew members for any production, bar none. While each production needs a director and cinematographer, a line producer holds the production and its budget together like glue. As a result, you have no one to reign in the creatives and make sure deadlines are met. A good line producer will be able to structure a production in a way that allows the creative professionals to prosper within the budget constraints.

A line producer (also known as a production manager) is hired at the very early stage of the project for a few weeks. The first job is to build a credible budget that will be used to raise funding for the film. Hence, the line producer has a great knowledge of the film and is a key partner to the film producer and director, along the the entire production. The line producer always balances the creative needs vs budget constraints.  

The Process of Locating a Line Producer

While there are several different types film producers, here, in this post we’ll focus on the ‘line producer’ or . The line producer runs the show in terms of managing everything and making sure the film is shot within the budget.

The first place to look? Or not to look for a line producer? The worst place to look is on job board sites that present crew members like corporate professionals with CVs and cover letters. This requires too much information. Furthermore, some of the best producers in the game, don’t even have a ‘CV’. As a result, they rely completely upon their contacts and past credits.

Sources for Finding a Line Producer

A step up from job sites would be to look at Facebook groups for film professionals. Most line producers are busy and have little time to trawl job boards for posts. The benefit of Facebook groups is that posts seamlessly flow through the page. If you’re viewing it on a phone it makes it very easy to create a conversation. Also, you can qualify potential line producer candidates via Facebook messenger which saves a lot of time.

Similarly, IMDB is the hub of the film industry for producers. If a film producer didn’t have an IMDB page, weird looks would ensue. Moreover, IMDB allows you to add all narrative film credits on one page and it’s the industry standard to have one. With an IMDB pro account, you can enquire near enough any producer in the world.

Yes, any.

Above all, the subscription allows you access to personal email contacts for several thousands of producers.

Lastly, and the best option, is to find producers at film festivals or other productions. One of the key aspects of being a producer is charisma, and you won’t be able to see that on a CV or even past credits. Therefore, most producers are found this way because of the importance of in-person communication. The caveat here is that you can easily be viewed as a leech if you’re not savvy in your approach as most producers at festivals are being inquired by a lot of people.

How you find a line producer should depend on the type of production you have. A high budget production can use all the methods but a micro-budget production can use but a few. For a micro-budget, using IMDB or film festivals is a waste of time because producers there are looking for the big jobs. Therefore, low budget productions should focus on social media and personal connections.


In conclusion, finding a line producer is key to any production. What’s more, finding a professional one with a good track record could make all the difference with the success of your project.

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