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Since 1999, Moviesoft has developed a vast expertise in screenwriting and film production software and built a strong and vital business relationship with Software publishers such as Entertainment Partners, Final Draft, Innoventive Software to name a few.

By actively participating in software user groups and being involved early stage in future product releases, MovieSoft is constantly able to improve its knowledge on product awareness well in advance of upcoming upgrades and features.


This allows MovieSoft to offer better services such as consulting, training or technical support in the interest of its customers.

Moviesoft’s goal is to remain focused in this particular area of film production and to contribute at a high level in building the tools of the future in the interest of its customers with whom Moviesoft share the same passion for images.


Vidatech Ltd (Trading as Moviesoft) was created in 1999.

From 1999 to 2002, MovieSoft was an exclusive Final Draft affiliate.  Moviesoft developed and implemented the sales and marketing strategy for Final Draft in Europe. Moviesoft also supervised the development of the French Version of Final Draft and its launch in the French speaking territories


In 2002,  MovieSoft decided to no longer limit its business to the screenwriting environment. It  added consulting and training services for Scheduling & Budgeting software.

Today, MovieSoft remains specialised in this segment of Film Production. And it counts over 7,500 customers, independent filmmakers (Line Producers and Assistant-Directors, Producers, etc) film school and production companies.


Vidatech Ltd (Trading as MovieSoft) is headquartered in Dublin (IRELAND)
CEO: Francis Farrugia
Tel.: +353 1 437 69 30


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