Whether you are an aspiring or advanced writer, our ultimate collection of books for Screenwriters and Filmmakers will help you develop your writing skills regardless of the type of writing, be it books, screenplays, or genres such as fantasy, horror, romance.

Our collection is designed to help beginners build a robust foundation of knowledge that is indispensable in order to progress further and faster in the world of writing.

For experienced writers, our books for screenwriters and filmmakers will help deeper develop certain aspects of writing techniques, such as storytelling or 3-Act structure. They will be used as a guideline, a checklist, to constantly refer to when writing a book or a script in order to make sure that you haven’t forgotten the essential elements in your project.

Our books for Screenwriters and Filmmakers are designed for easy reading on any device: mobile, tablet, or computer. There are no ads, no “funny floating layout”, nothing to disturb your concentration as you find on many websites about writing. Our books go straight to the point with relevant information.

This is one of the reasons for our success.  When you open one of our books, your brain switches to learning mode, ready to absorb new content.

My Pocket Guide has been developed and designed by Writers for Writers to improve writing skills.

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