Sourcing the right film location is an integral part of any film shoot and none more so than a low budget film production. Good scouting for low budget film locations offer high production values on minuscule budgets. As a result, a stellar location can elevate a low-budget film to a high-budget, visually.

There are a few tricks to achieving the optimal low budget film locations. Here’s how.

Cheat the Scene – Low Budget Film Locations in One

Firstly, If you want to shoot many interior locations, it’s best to search for a large location that can be dressed as many scene locations. This saves bucketloads of money on production unit moves, extra scheduled shooting days, and film crew. Unit moves especially can be a killer and, by keeping your shoot in one location, you will save time and money.

There are usually only a select few film shooting locations that offer many distinct rooms. Therefore, this means you will have to dress each room slightly differently. As a result, most large locations that offer variability of rooms will command a sizable fee. Yet, weighing up the money you save on keeping the shoot in one location, you will still save on your budget.

Stay in the City

Second, keeping your filming locations confined to a major city can help your film’s budget in many ways. In other words, having locations in the city allows you to have access to a large variety of crew, vendors, and other production elements that will save you money. Also, the majority of city locations will have experience with filming crews and may offer production discounts.

The biggest benefit for a low-budget production is the proximity to everything. For instance, camera battery fails? Well, there’s either a camera shop within a mile or several camera professionals nearby that can bail you out. If production mistakes happen in a much further away location, you’re royally screwed unless there’s a filmmaking community there.

Therefore, when scouting in a major city, make a list of these important elements to make sure you’ve chosen the best of the low budget film locations.

Stay out of the City

On the flipside, thirdly, filming away from the city does have its benefits when it comes to low budget film locations. The majority of location owners are paying much lower fees/tax, and thus, can afford to charge a much, much lower location fee. Filming in a restaurant in a city like London may cost £1000 a day but in a distant town or village may cost £100 or even less. Many owners view location hires as a free publicity opportunity and may even grant access without a fee!

The Sharing Economy as Low Budget Film Locations

Finally, don’t forget the shared economy for low budget film locations

Airbnb is the trump card for low-budget filmmakers. Productions can find some of the grandest looking apartments and houses or even more obscure homes on the platform. If you were to try and source a home location via a location agency, you would be paying a premium. On Airbnb, you typically, only have to pay an overnight stay fee. The trick is to target owners that don’t


In conclusion, a little ingenuity and a keen eye will make you an expert at finding low budget film locations. Most importantly, this means saving valuable money and time.

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